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Testimonial Number 1.

By Liz Ford, Waikiki, WA.

8th October 2008

I Thought I’d write about witnessing Winston alerting Kaylene during a patchwork meeting.

To set the scene Kaylene and approx ten other ladies including myself are sitting chatting and un packing sewing machines, fabric and all the other gadgets associated with patchwork. The kettle is on and the gossip is running hot.

Kaylene and I were sitting chatting when Winston started to whimper, she kept talking only for Winston to start licking her fingers and start shaking. Now this is where the whole world puts in what they think is wrong with Winston ie: he needs a walk, he needs to go to the toilet and the all time favourite he is cold – I must admit that his shaking does give the impression that he is freezing. Kaylene thank god, knows what to do and takes a test – her sugars are very low. Kaylene eats a few jelly beans.

Kaylene and I head over to the local café to hurry them along with her lunch. The whole time Winston is still shaking and whining. Kaylene has lunch; Winston sits quietly for a while only to start all over again about ½ hour later. Again all the suggestions to what is wrong with Winston are forth coming. Kaylene does another test her sugars are still dangerously low. Kaylene does what she has to do, to stabilize her sugars.

Once Kaylene has stabilized Winston has a little sniff around, makes himself comfortable and goes straight to sleep. Hard work being a medical alert dog!

We all go back to chatting, sewing and generally having a lovely day. Winston has proven his worth yet again and all is right in Kaylene's world.


Testimonial Number 2

Written by Ruth Niemann, Physiotherapy Hydropool Supervisor

23rd September 2008

Just reporting that Winston had a successful "Alert" on Tuesday, 23/9/08. Although Kaylene didn't indicate she was having a hypo after testing,

Winston continued to Alert until a further test was done 5 minutes or so later and she was then found to be low.

He works well in the hospital at the hydro pool and is well disciplined.