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Oscar's Profile

Name: Oscar

Breed: Whippet

Owner: Corey Charles

Fully Accredited Assistance Dog

He was a little rascal at times, he loved to dig and chew, well he was just a puppy, so we started small with toilet training and worked up to the big things. It was tough for the first 6 months or so, alert training, toilet training and obedience training. We even needed to learn about going to school.

When Oscar was over a year old he had to do his Public Access Test. This meant that Oscar would be a fully trained assistance dog. We were all nervous but knew he could do it. We had the Director of Training fly over from Sydney to do the test. We passed and every year since with flying colours.

I found myself over the years eager to help out with helping new members and now help train and accredit clients and their dogs. My family and I help man stalls to raise funds and awareness. We have new friends that are like family and I am rather happy. I too have now become a type 1 diabetic and know that out their when I need it will be my angel to guide me and protect me when I need it.


Oscar was born to do a special job. He was born to be an angel he just never knew at the time. He soon learnt that he was not only needed but wanted and loved.

Most people remember birthday and anniversaries sending cards and well wishes. For most Diabetics we remember our diagnosis day. We don’t get cards and well wishes as the day is surrounded by a hint of sadness and a day you don’t really want to remember. As a mother to know your son is ill with such a terrible and extremely complicated disease is heart breaking. We all tried to just get on with our lives as if nothing had changed. How wrong that would be. You soon find out who your friends are and even family start to avoid us.

Within about a year my son became hypo-unaware and depression started to sink into the fabric of our family. Depression is very common for diabetics and their family and with depressing comes a facet of life you wish you never had to experience. We felt like we were drowning and just needed help! I started to search the internet and talk to other diabetics, it took a while but I found Paws for Diabetics Inc.

After about 12 months of interviews he arrived. Oscar arrived. At only eight weeks of age he was adorable, now come on how could you not love that face.