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ANZAD Morning Tea

On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, members of Paws for Diabetics Inc Sharon and Gabby Scott, Dorothy and Chino Koroleff, Eryn and Chiko Scott and Trish John and Penny Griffin attended a morning tea hosted by the Governor General, Her Excellency Quentin Bryce at Admiralty House in Sydney, for the launch of ANZAD, Australia and New Zealand Assistance Dogs Inc. All the dogs behaved beautifully and the Governor General seemed most taken with Chiko!

Group photo of the event's attendees. Taken from the GG's website, http://www.gg.gov.au/events/governor-general-launches-australian-and-new-zealand-assistance-dogs-inc.

Eryn Scott, Chiko and Gabby at Admiralty House, Sydney.

John and Trish Griffin and Penny — at Admiralty House, Sydney.

The Governor General her Excellency Quentin Bryce Saying hello to Penny and Trish Griffin

In depth discussion!

Trish Griffin and Penny

Meeting Chiko — at Admiralty House, Sydney.

Eryn discussing Chiko's "uniqueness!"

With Eryn Scott and Trish Griffin — at Admiralty House, Sydney.

Gabby loved the attention! (as she usually does!)

Chino saying hello

Dorothy & Chino, Eryn & Chiko, Trish & Penny, Sharon & Gabby and John, outside Admiralty House, Sydney

GG LOVED Chiko! She kept coming back to talk!

Another pat!

With Dorothy Koroleff and Trish Griffin — at Admiralty House, Sydney.

The Governor General Her Excellency Quentin Bryce with Sharon Scott, Gabby and Dot Koroleff

Sharon's invitation to the ANZAD Launch morning tea